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References - Industrial buildings


Budova MAN - vizualizace
Place of construction Rousínov
Investor MAN užitková vozidla Česká Republika spol. s r.o.
Design of construction COPLAN AG
General designer, coordination COPLAN Projekt s.r.o.
Project 2008 - currently, stage of PD: DSP, DZS

Near the road E462 between Brno and Prostějov in cadastral area of the village Rousínov there is being prepared construction of a precinct of the company MAN to provide especially servicing by the company. Structural and architectonic design is based on principles used for existing precincts which are built abroad. The construction is divided to production/storage part and administrative part from functional and visual point of view.

Truck Park D5

Truck Park D5, Králův Dvůr - vizualizace
Place of construction Dálnice D5, kilometr 22.5
Design of construction Architekti ADIKON
General designer, HIP COPLAN Projekt s.r.o.
Project 2008 - currently, stage of PD: DUR, DSP

It is a complex of buildings serving for providing comprehensive services for long-distance road truck transport. The complex is situated in the nearest vicinity of the highway D5 near Králův Dvůr. Included in the complex there will be a car parking area for 140 trucks, a filling station with a restaurant, a hotel, a bar and background support facility for truck drivers and further a truck wash.

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Assembly building of FTE Automotive

Pohled na administrativní část výrobního závodu
Place of construction průmyslová zóna Alpka - Podbořany
Client FTE automotive CZECHIA
General designer COPLAN Projekt s.r.o.
Project 2006, stage of PD: DSP

A project of a new assembly building of FTE Automotive CZECHIA. The building consists of an assembly and storage hall, offices.

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Building of Toner Recycling Service

Pohled na budovu výrobního závodu
Place of construction Poděbrady
Investor Toner Recycling Service
Design of construction DaM, architektonická kancelář
Project 2002-2005, stage of PD: DUR, DSP, DPS, DSPS, ATD

A new production plant of the company Toner Recycling Service.

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Měnírna DP - Trafostanice

Měnírna DPP
Place of construction Praha, ul. Evropská
Investor Paleg a.s.
Design of construction D a M s.r.o.
Construction designer COPLAN Projekt s.r.o.
Project 2003 - 2004, stage of PD: DUR, DSP, DPS, ATD

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